07/10/2011/ 1360

This Directory contains a full listing of IRRV Members throughout: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Worldwide

Additionally the Directory contains an A-Z listing of key suppliers in the following fields:

  • Collection and Enforcement
  • Council Tax Collection
  • Fraud and Investigation
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit
  • Non-Domestic Rates
  • Rating Surveying
  • Recruitment
  • Software Suppliers
  • Sundry Debt Training Providers
  • Valuation

2012 Update Available

This 2012 edition is very much a snapshot of current members and a Who's Who in fields of operation of the Institute.

It offers at-a-glance reference to key players, be they established firms or newcomers. In these challenging economic times and changing regime, ready access to details of service organisations is vital and this this Directory provides the answer.

If you would like to be included in the next edition of this Directory please call 020 7691 8996 or email sales@irrv.org.uk

Thanks to all the organisations that support this publication, your involvement is much valued.

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