Local Authority Asset Valuations – CPT Events course running in association with IRRV

London, 16 March 2017


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Local Authority accounts require annual asset valuations. What is 2016 Best Practice? What is the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and how do you accommodate this into your valuations? What are the changes and opportunities surrounding the 2017 Reval and what of changes in retention and grants?

This event is a practical guide on how to value, how to deal with specialist properties, how to record, how to satisfy the auditor, and much more. If you work with local authority valuations, are responsible for local authority assets, or advise local authorities, this event is essential for you.

In compiling annual accounts, local authorities are required to produce asset valuations. The valuer who undertakes this has to satisfy the Red Book, the CIPFA guidelines and IFRS. The estates valuer now finds negotiating with the accountants and the auditors to be part of the valuers role.

In addition, they still have the job of managing the estate, ensuring best practice and trying to seek out what the extra value authorities desperately need.

This conference will explore these tensions and attempt to reconcile the varied approaches from the professions.