Business rates retention


In October 2015, the Government announced that, by the end of this Parliament, local authorities will be able to keep 100 per cent of the business rates they raise locally. This is a fundamental change to in the way local government is financed.

The IRRV has been working with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to ensure that local government is vocal in shaping the way that this new system will work.

We will continue to update this hub with useful information, including key papers and materials so check back on a regular basis.

Get involved

To ensure that views from across the sector are represented in the development of a new system, we are inviting you to submit your view so all papers of all groups set up to help implement business rate retention as listed below. To feed in to the work on a new system for 100 per cent business rate retention, please email

Key Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper: December 2017: Business Rates Retention: Committee of Inquiry

The Parliamentary Communities and Local Government Committee has held an inquiry regarding Business Rates Retention (England). This inquiry closed on 14th December 2017. 

Details of the Inquiry can be found at:

The IRRV response can be found here

Consultation Paper: 2017: 100% business rates retention: further consultation on the design of the reformed system [Extent: England]

The Government published on 15th February 2017 a further consultation on business retention, on the design of the reformed system. This consultation seeks further views onthe implementation of the Government’s commitment to allow local government to retain 100% of business rates raised locally.

This consultation paper can be viewed here. The deadline to respond to the consultation is 3 May 2017.  

Alongside the consultation document the Government have published the summary of responses to the original consultation and its own response. This is also available here.


Consulation: 2016: Self-sufficient local government: 100% business rates retention

This consultation closed at26 September 2016 12:00am

Self-sufficient local government: 100% business rates retention

Business rates reform: call for evidence on needs and redistribution

The Government published the summary of responses to the original consultation and its own response. This is also available here.

Steering Group

A technical steering group and a number of sub-groups have been established to provide information and expert advice to support the LGA and DCLG in advising Ministers on the setting up and implementation of this new system. The Steering Group will meet regularly and papers will be updated here.

Technical Working Group on the Fair Funding Review

Systems Design Working Group

Implementation Working Group

Responsibilities Working Group

Minutes (20 October) 242.91 KB - PDF

Agenda 86.02 KB - PDF

Public Health 240.4 KB - PDF

Implementation of devolving specific responsibilities (Part 2)

Accounting and Accountabilities Working Group

Business Interests Group

Consultation responses and other items