Peter Scrafton FIRRV, FCIArb, MRSA (Hon), Solicitor (Non-Practising)

Practice Style:  J P Scrafton
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I trained and worked as a solicitor in a range of practice sizes and types from 1975 to 1993, from an assistantship in a two-partner provincial Legal Aid practice to a partnership in a City form of over 80 partners with offices across Europe, in the Gulf and in Hong Kong.  A part of that time was spent as a Senior Legal Assistant to the Solicitor of Inland Revenue, advising the Valuation Office on a range of valuation issues.  The City of London Solicitors’ Company gave me its Distinguished Service Award in 1986.

In 1993, having undertaken work on the assessment of claims for war damage compensation in Kuwait after the First Gulf War, I set up my own plate, and advised a range of public and private sector clients on rating valuation and collection, compulsory purchase and compensation and other matters.  Over the next fourteen years, my practice continued and developed and I found myself teaching and undertaking legislative drafting  for over twenty governments, ranging (geographically) from Portugal to Mongolia.  It was this overseas work which engendered in me an interest in the work which the Institute did in the emerging Commonwealth and the role which it is playing in sharing knowledge in professional areas, worldwide.  

In the natural way of things, as dispute resolution methods developed, I gained qualifications in arbitration and became an accredited mediator as well as a part-time Chairman of the London Rent Assessment Committee and Leasehold Valuation Tribunal.  I was one of the co-founders of the Compulsory Purchase Association, the author of its constitution and its first Secretary, later serving as Chairman.  In their Centenary Year, the Rating Surveyors’ Association made me an Honorary Member. 

I ceased practice as a solicitor in 2007 and now offer my services to public and private sectors alike (as I have done for many years) in rating valuation and collection, compulsory purchase and compensation, judicial review, professional negligence and public procurement problems.  I also continue to participate, on behalf of the Institute, in discussions in Whitehall and Westminster  Further details are available from my website

The year 1988 saw me join the Institute, and I immediately started writing articles for the old "Journal".  I have been writing ever since, currently in "Insight” but previously in "Valuer"  I have spoken at national and international conferences and at association meetings, and am more than happy to do so, again – association secretaries have only to get in touch with me.

I have been a member of what is now the London and Home Counties Association for a number of years, and served on its Executive Committee for a decade, including being its last Chairman and (for a couple of minutes) its first President!  My theme as Chairman there was to draw the three faculties together, ensuring that every meeting was of relevance and interest to more than one faculty.  My wish, on the Council, is to continue with this work and to streamline and speed its decision-making, in line with contemporary conditions.

I have served on various Council Committees, on the Council itself and on its Boards for thirty years.  I have been Chairman of the Law and Research  Committee, and of the Valuers” Association Board, when the courses at the Royal Agricultural University were established.  I sit on the Local Revenues and Taxation Faculty Board.  I have sat on the Professional Conduct Committee and the former N/SVQ Management Board, as well as on the Qualifications Management Board, where I moderated five papers.  In addition, I have served on the Valuation Tribunal Users’ Group and the Professional Bodies Liaison Group.  I support the work of the Institute with TEGoVA and am one of the panel of assessors for the Recognised European Valuer accreditation.

Members with professional problems are always welcome to contact me through my website; and I will do what I can to help.