Regulated Qualification Framework

IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice (RQF)

The Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation

The IRRV is the largest professional institution operating in the field of revenues, benefits and valuation.The Institute keeps its members informed of current issues and provides opportunities for further professional and personal  development and the sharing of best practice. Its qualifications and Continuing Professional Development scheme are designed to meet the needs of members at every stage of their careers.

IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice (RQF)

The IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice (RQF) is a  competence-based qualification – that is, it is not assessed by examinations but through fulfilment of work tasks. The units that make up the qualification specify the areas where workplace competence has to be shown. An assessor will approve the evidence produced by the candidate.

A candidate must be registered with an IRRV approved centre. This may be the workplace itself, or an external centre.

There are four pathways – consisting of a number of units - to achieving the Qualification, and learners need only to follow one pathway. The pathway a learner chooses will depend on which area of work they want to demonstrate competence in. 

The four pathways are:


      Local Taxation



Successful completion of the qualification enables the candidate to apply for Technician membership of the IRRV and use the letters Tech IRRV

The Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF)

recognises achievement through awarding credits for units and qualifications.

The RQF Provides:

A consistent approach to vocational qualifications.

Accessible routes to achieving qualifications.

Qualifications that can be studied in smaller steps to support career based learning.

Qualifications that use the RQF rules are made up of units. This provides flexible ways to get a qualification. Each unit has a  credit value which tells you how many credits are awarded when a unit is completed. Units build up to qualifications. For the Diploma qualification you need over 37 credits. Units and qualifications are each given a level according to their difficulty, from entry level to level 8. The title of a qualification will tell you its size and level. If a qualification includes a unit that you have already been awarded, you can use the unit you have already taken towards that qualification. Units awarded by  different  awarding organizations can be combined to build up qualifications.