Chiltern DC and South Bucks DC


The Revenues Team operates under a shared management and support structure, delivering the in-house service at Chiltern and the outsourced contract at South Bucks. It is a team structure that supports income generation, transformation, professional supervision, performance management and reduces duplication that enables and supports all potential options for bringing service delivery fully in-house after October 2018.

Our Vision: To deliver a customer focussed, efficient and professional service, responsive to the needs of its customers, whilst protecting the interests of local taxpayers.

Using new technology, changing the culture and improving post-liability order collection, annual savings of £128,000 and additional income of £97,000 over two years are our targets. Chiltern and South Bucks Revenues Team have accomplished a great deal over the past year and we firmly believe our performance demonstrates the ability to embrace change, deliver a customer focussed, efficient and professional service, that responds to our customer’s needs.


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