Mission Statement

The Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation is the professional body for local taxation, benefits and valuation. We promote best practice and support the professional activities of our members working in government and commerce The mission is international and the Institute welcomes many individual members across the world as well as working in close partnership with international partners. The Institute's mission is expressed through its policy work and research; the advice it gives to governmental and other agencies; its educational initiatives and promotion of standards of lifelong learning and teaching; and its national and international conferences, seminars and training programmes. The Institute is geared to serving the professional needs and interests of over five and a half thousand members worldwide. Membership is closely regulated and highly prized, and our aim is to create an IRRV community dedicated to the highest standards of professional activity which help governments to create effective and fair local tax systems. The Council is the governing body of the Institute. The Council is a diverse body, bringing together expertise and experience right across our professional fields. Most of the Council's business is transacted in five Standing Committees and in sub-committees and working groups reporting to those committees. The Council and the Standing Committees meet on a quarterly cycle. The Standing Committee Chairmen make oral reports to the Council on the Institute's activities within their committee's remit, and answer questions from other members of the Council, as do the Chairman of the Council (the President) and the Director. Each Standing Committee has a forward plan which is reviewed at each meeting and which provides a context for progressing individual items. It also provides a framework for staff activities which are highly targetted within the Institute's corporate objectives. Each member of the Council recognises a responsibility to participate in the Institute's corporate governance. The Institute's overall strategy is reviewed on an annual basis by the Policy and Resources Committee.