Achieving Accredited Trainer Status

Accredited Trainer

There are two categories of Accredited Trainer – those working for an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and those working independently. There is an annual fee for Trainer Accreditation.  

To achieve Accredited Trainer Status (ATS) all Applicants must:

  1. be regularly involved in the training process
  2. have presented to an audience or facilitated workshops during the last year
  3. become a member of IRRV. If you are not a member you will be offered the relevant category of membership and receive the associated benefits of this category and you will also be charged for IRRV ATS. Trainers are charged £475 per year plus the relevant IRRV membership fee. Trainers can be attached to an ATO or be independent   
  4. have attended a relevant occupational training course (cite this in your AT1 application form)  
  5. show titles of courses taught in the last year
  6. submit a sample of materials used in training and any other relevant material requested by IRRV.
  7. be observed in the classroom by a qualified IRRV quality assessor.

Maintaining Accredited Trainer Status

To maintain Accredited Trainer status you must continue to meet all the criteria for Accredited Trainers as laid out in points 1 – 7 above


demonstrate that you have added value to your training. You will be required to show evidence to an auditor each year that you have worked to enhance your skills and knowledge.     

Annual fee is £475 (plus the relevant IRRV membership fee) 

Please now complete the accredited trainer application form below and email it to 

 Accredited Trainer Application Form (ATS)