Jim McCafferty IRRV (Hons)

Jim is a Past President of both the IRRV National Council and the IRRV Scottish Association. He is a member of the IRRV’s Benefits and Revenues Faculty Boards.  He lectures in Benefits Administration and Revenues Management for IRRV for the Certificate and Diploma level examinations. He is also the author of distance learning material for NDR Law and Administration in Scotland.

Jim has worked for a number of councils both in Scotland and England over a 39+ year career. He also worked for the Valuation Tribunal Service in England. The experience of working for an appellate body gives him a unique insight for a Revenues and Benefits practitioner.

Prior to  becoming an independent consultant, in August 2012, Jim worked for West Lothian Council as Revenues and Benefits Manager during a time when they achieved year on year continuous improvements and were recognised for this success in national awards. In August 2011 Jim also became Corporate Procurement Manager at West Lothian.

During the last few years Jim has undertaken work for a number of clients including Councils in England and Scotland, Registered Social Landlords and the Scottish Government. He was involved in the introduction of council tax reduction schemes in three councils and was asked by John Swinney, then Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, to produce an Independent report on Council Tax Reduction Reviews.  He works as a project manager and has dis-aggregated a revenues and benefits shared service to bring it back “in house”; he also carried out a similar contract involving an IT service. He has also carried out Interim Revenues and Benefits Managers roles.