Kevin Stewart

Council Lead on Communications including Magazines, Publications and Website

Kevin is currently Business Unit Leader for Revenues and Benefits at Mid Sussex DC.  Before this he was Local Taxation and Benefits Manager at Wealden DC from February 2016. Prior to this Kevin worked with the Welfare Reform Club. Before this he worked temporarily with Rossendales Enforcement Agents. Prior to this he worked temporarily with INTEC Public Sector since August 2015 working on an exciting new project. Kevin was previously the Interim Customer Services Manager at Luton Borough Council since April 2015. Previous to this he was a Change Leader at the same Council. Immediately prior to working at Luton Borough Council Kevin was Revenues Manager at Central Bedfordshire Council since September 2013.

Previously Kevin was Revenues Manager at the Shared Service of Watford and Three Rivers since January 2011. Previously Kevin also was a Performance Specialist (Benefits) with the Audit Commission since January 2009. Prior to this he was Head of Revenues, Benefits and Exchequer at Bedford Borough Council since August 2006. Before this he was employed as Head of Benefits and Revenues at Amber Valley Borough Council since July 1999, and previously was employed in various roles in Benefits and Revenues since August 1982 at the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

Elected to the IRRV National Council from 2005 to 2011 and again from 2012, Kevin is a Past National President (2014-15) of the IRRV. He is the IRRV Council Lead on Communications including Magazines, Publications and Website. He is a Past President of the IRRV East Midlands Association (2005-06), in addition to previously having been the Association’s Education Liaison Officer for a number of years. He was previously chair of the IRRV East Midlands Forum between December 1999 and August 2006 and is chair of the IRRV Benefits Faculty Board and member of the Revenues and Faculty Board. Has been an examiner at the IRRV’s Technician/Certificate level since December 2001 as well as Diploma level for 4 years, he has tutored at various Institute courses including IRRV HQ Day Release, Caerleon, Dudley and Keele in a range of subjects including Management, Housing Benefits, Benefit Fraud, Welfare Benefits, Revenues, Accounting and Constitutional Framework. He is also a Correspondence Course tutor.

Kevin is a regular contributor to the "Insight" and "Benefit" publications and presenter of various papers at IRRV and other Conferences. Kevin played an instrumental part in the Audit Commission's 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Protecting the Public Purse Report conducting the research on Council Tax Single Person Discount and contributing to the report. In 2010 he was instrumental in introducing a Council Tax Single Person Discount (SPD) webtool on the Audit Commission website to help Councils. This webtool was further updated in 2011. Kevin also participated in the 2015 TEICCAF Protecting the Public Purse Report. He was also previously a member of the BFI Standard Magazine editorial panel and a member of the BFI Liaison Group and has previously been a member of the DWP Help Team that assisted other Local Authorities and helped the DWP draft the IT HB Specification.