Allan Traynor FCCA IRRV (Hons)

Allan Traynor retired from local government in October 2008 after 39 years of service and now provides consultancy services.

Allan qualified as an accountant in 1975 and for 24 years worked in the revenues and benefits field. He was national President in 2006/07 is a past President of the Scottish Association. He is a former chair of the Scottish Revenues and Benefits Forum and advisor to the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) on revenues and benefits matters.He is a tutor for distance learning and the West Midlands Association Level 3 Certificate course.

Allan spent all his local government career in Fife starting as a trainee accountant with Fife County Council. Once qualified he worked in Internal Audit moving on to become Chief Internal Auditor for Fife Regional Council before becoming Principal Revenue Accountant in 1984,then moving on to the post of Depute Director of Finance prior to local government reorganisation in 1996. On the creation of Fife Council, Allan moved to the post of Revenue Services Manager, where, in addition to revenues and benefits, he was responsible for accounts payable, treasury management and pension fund investment.

Since his retirement from Local Government, Allan has moved south and now lives in the Midlands where he provides training and consultancy for public sector organisations.

01905 821599