Richard Harbord M.Phil, CPFA, FCCA, IRRV (Hons), FCMI, FMIS, MIMC, FRSA

Richard spent 39 years in Local Government, working in 8 Local Authorities in London and the South East. He was appointed to his first London Finance Director post in 1981 . Richard became Chief Executive and Director of Finance at the London Borough of Richmond in 1988 and became Managing Director of London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in 1999. He left there in 2002 to commence his own consultancy business.

Richard is a qualified accountant (FCCA CIPFA) and is also a qualified member of The Institute of Rating, Revenues and Valuation, British Computer Society and the Institute of Management Consultants.

Richard also has two Master of Philosophy research degrees.

Richard is on the Council of Cipfa (14 years) and IRRV (28years).

He lectures and writes widely on Local Government issues. Mainly on Management and Finance but he also has worked extensively on Emergency Planning and Business Continuity and is the Architect of the current Resilience arrangements in London. He worked on the Civil Contingencies Act at the Cabinet Office.

Richard works for the World Bank and European Bank of Reconstruction in Russia and has worked in Estonia and Belle Russe. The work in Russia is centred on Performance Management in the Russian Regions.

Richard is very widely known and respected in Local Government and in Central Government Departments. In his new role as a Consultant he has worked for over 50 Local authorities or Central Government Departments. In recent years he has become much in demand for carrying out formal investigations in to a wide range of financial and governance issues.

Richard is a past president of the Society of London Treasurers, Society of Metropolitan Treasurers and Institute of Rating Revenues and Valuation.