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IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice

Full unit content, qualification pathways and assessment information for candidates, centres and assessors.

IRRV Level 3 Diploma in Local Taxation, Benefits and Advice (RQF)

Ten week rule RQF centres
To ensure that you are delivering training and accrediting qualifications in line with the regulations and assessment strategy, enabling learners to be successful in achieving their chosen qualifications, you need a reliable system of assessment and verification. For more detail please download the full document.

Ten week rule RQF centres

Credit Transfer policy RQF centres

IRRV will recognise certificates of unit credit issued by other awarding organisations where the units form part of accredited NVQ or QCF qualification.

Credit Transfer policy RQF centres

EQAO centre visit policy
The appointed EQAO will visit the centre a minimum of once yearly for the purpose of both audit of procedures & documentation, and of sampling of portfolios (see sampling guidance notes).

EQAO centre visits policy

Simulation Guidance
This guide is designed to advise on the best way to approach a simulated environment

Simulation Guidance

Candidates with Particular Requirements

IRRV is committed to ensuring that there are no barriers to assessment which prevent candidates from effectively demonstrating their attainment; and to ensuring that arrangements for candidates with particular assessment requirements do not give, or appear to give, them an unfair advantage

Candidates with Particular Requirements

Application for Centre Approval
Please find the initial application for cenrte approval. You should also refer to the centre set up guide and centre documentation checklist. For more guidance contact   (0207 691 8994).

Application for Centre Approval

Centre set up Guide Chart
Setting up an IRRV approved assessment centre requires certain national regulatory and IRRV procedures to be followed. The process starts with an enquiry to in the first instance, thereafter an application form is submitted and an audit visit to your organisation will take place. See Application for Centre Approval.

Centre Set up Guide Chart

Sampling Guide RQF Centres
The award of an IRRV is based on a number of assessment decisions. External Verifying is about checking the consistency of assessments. It is not cost effective or feasible to check every single assessment, so you look at a sample of the centre's assessments. This will normally involve meeting candidates and is not solely based on inspection of assessment records.

Sampling Guide RQF centres

IRRV Centre Documentation Checklist
Under the RQF, the IRRV have a responsibility to comply with Regulated Qualifications Framework. Effective centre management and control will meet these regulations. The centre documentation are suitable controls to meet the requirements. Please download the full checklist


Centre Documentation Checklist



IRRV Assessment Centres

Please see athe list of current centres offering vocational qualifications. They may be prepared to take on external candidates and/or develop a partnership. Alterntively you can set up a centre yourself. See centre set up process or email

IRRV Assessment Centres

Customer Service Complaints Procedure
We aim to respond to all queries courteously and accurately. To ensure we have achieved our quality standards we have established a Customer Service Standards chart and make every effort to comply with it in all our communications. Please download the Customer Service policy for more detail.

Customer Service Complaints procedure


Equality and Diversity Policy

The Institute’s Equality and Diversity policy is intended to ensure that every candidate is enabled to receive a fair assessment regardless of their circumstances.

Equality and Diversity Policy RQF centres

Malpractice Policy

Assessment Centres are required to follow good practice, and to note the Malpractice procedure that applies to all centres.

Malpractice Policy for RQF centre


Appeals Procedure

All candidates may request review and appeal against a result if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

IRRV Review Appeals Procedure


Assessment Centre fees and Charges

IRRV Fees and Charges 2018