How to enrol your staff onto the IRRV Apprenticeship

Enrolment Stages

In order to determine if a member of your staff is suitable / eligible for the Apprenticeship Programme and the associated Government Levy funding, the IRRV must undertake a number of initial processes. See below, which gives a high level overview of the stages we follow. 


Stage 1 

The IRRV Apprenticeship Coordinator has an initial discussion with the Local Authority levy paying employer to discuss their requirements..

To arrange an initial discussion with the IRRV Apprenticeship Coordinator please click here and an email requesting contact will be automatically sent to the Apprenticeship Team


Stage 2 

If, after the initial discussion, the employer wishes to take this forward, the Apprenticeship Coordinator will email an enrolment form to the employer. The potential learner and employer need to complete the relevant parts of the form and submit it to the IRRV.

If, according to the information on the form, the member of staff appears to still have a lot to learn, they will be approved for the next stage of the process.

If there are any doubts about the existing levels of knowledge / competence  i.e. they appear to already have full or high levels of competence in their curent job role, the Coordinator will query this with the employer as they may not be eligible for levy funding. Only those who still require substantive new, or significantly enhanced, technical skills, knowledge and behaviours are eligible for an apprenticeship.


Stage 3

The apprentice and workplace mentor / line manager attend a pre-induction event where an 'Assessment of Prior Learning' is undertaken for each learner.


Stage 4

An IRRV tutor reviews the outcome of the 'Assessment of Prior Learning' and conducts a 1-1 meeting with the applicant. The tutor completes the final eligibility checks. If deemed eligible for levy funding, the final learning plan and individual fee is negotiated / agreed with the employer.


Stage 5

All new learners, regardless of whether they can prove with original certificates that they already have the required English and maths Level 2 qualifications, must complete an initial assessment in English and maths to identify any required additional learning support. 

If a learner has already attained Level 2 qualifications in English and maths, they must provide their original certificates for us to verify this. For a fee, copies can be obtained from the Government's website. 

If they do not have Level 2 qualifications, they must be enrolled onto Level 2 functional skills in English and maths, as they must have Level 2 English and maths in order to proceed to the final End Point Assessment, after completing their apprenticeship programme. 

The employer must agree to give learners time in their working hours to complete English and maths functional skills, in addition, to the time given for the Apprenticeship.


Stage 6 

Induction Day - Attended by the apprentice and their workplace mentor. This is the official start date of the Apprenticeship programme.