About the LTR Faculty

In 2003 the Institute launched a faculty-based approach to the specialisms covered by its members. The faculties were launched at the same time as changes were put in place to radically amend the Institute's governance structure. These combined changes mean that the Institute is now better placed to address the professional needs of its membership. Each Institute member may join up to two faculties.

The three faculties are co-ordinated by individual faculty boards.
Responsibilities of each faculty board include;

  • Publication of the faculty magazine and other relevant publications
  • Provision of guidance and direction to the Institute's standing committees on issues falling within the faculty's domain.
  • Promotion of the Institute qualification
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Fostering constructive relations with other professional bodies in the United Kingdom and overseas
  • Initiating debate on technical issues and responding to consultation papers

You can contact the Faculty Board via e-mail.