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Report of the Barclay Review of Non-Domestic Rates

Download a copy of the report issued in August 2017 by the Barclay Review of Non-Domestic Rates in Scotland.

There are 30 recommendations on

  • Measures to support economic growth.
  • Measures to improve ratepayer experience and administration of the system.
  • Measures to increase fairness and ensure a level playing field.

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Council Elections 2017

Voting is now open for the 2017 Council elections. All Fellow, Honours and Diploma Members are entitled to vote The closing date for voting is 5.00 pm Friday 15 September 2017.

There are two ways in which a member can cast their vote:-

  1. Via the Members Area on the IRRV Web Site or Voting Portal at
  2. A ballot paper (which will accompany biographies of all candidates) can be obtained by contacting Gary Watson (Deputy Chief Executive) at or on 0207 691 8988. The completed  ballot paper should then then be returned in the pre-paid envelope before the closing date.

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Awards 2017

The closing date for submissions was Friday, 2 June 2017 and unlike other Awards Schemes, the deadline was not extended. The Awards Panel meets on Wednesday, 14 June 2017 to consider the submissions and agree on those organisations who have been short-listed for a visit. The list of finalists will be released in W/C 19 June 2017

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Apprenticeships 2017

The IRRV is committed to supporting Trailblazer Apprenticeships in its sector. While the initiative for writing new Apprenticeship standards lies with groups of employers, the Institute will assist in this process where invited. Trailblazer groups are also responsible for commissioning training and finding an assessment organisation. The Institute is a subcontractor for Apprenticeship training, and is planning to join the registers of Apprenticeship Training Providers and of Apprenticeship Assessment Organisations at the earliest opportunity. Employer groups will therefore be able to access IRRV training or assessment if they so choose.

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IRRV 2017 Products and Services Brochure

The latest brochure is now available to download




IRRV Membership and Career Development

IRRV Membership. How to gain professional Qualifications. Current jobs available in the sector


Membership brings with it professional MEMBERSHIP recognition and a wide range of support services that will aid your development 

The IRRV is the largest professional institution operating in the field of revenues, benefits and valuation. Every year, hundreds of students sit IRRV examinations. Those who are successful will join the thousands of IRRV-qualified professionals currently working in local authorities and public and private sector valuation. 

Member Perspective:

“Membership of the IRRV and use of the designatory letters 'IRRV (Hons)' demonstrates to others a continuing commitment to professionalism and excellence within my field. It is something I am proud to use.”

Peter Lisewski IRRV (Hons) Revenues Services Manager Derbyshire Dales DC 




Gaining qualifications is a great way to stand out, increase your confidence and prove to employers that you've reached the highest standard. Employers are increasingly looking to recruit IRRV qualified practitioners so getting the qualification will increase your career advancement.

"To work in Revenues and Benefits administration or Rating Valuation, you need managerial, professional and IT skills as well as drive, determination and the ability to think hard and straight. The IRRV Provides Qualifications to get you there. 
David Magor OBE IRRV, Chief executive, IRRV

If you are at an early stage in your professional career  you can take a Level 3 qualification, or if you are in or aiming for a management position, the Professional Diploma is ideal. IRRV qualifications provide evidence of the knowledge and skills required to carry out a range of operations in a Revenues, Welfare Benefits or Valuation Tribunal environment.               

*This offer is valid on multiple bookings from the same organisation with a minimum of three candidates.

Find out more about studing for an IRRV qualification here

Latest Jobs from the IRRV

Senior Business Rates Officer 
Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council
£24,964 - £27,668 Per Annum 
More Information

Benefits Officer 
Shropshire Council
£19,544 Per Annum 
More Information

Head of Revenues and Benefits Shared Service 
Maidstone Borough Council
£59,780 - £67,882 (up to £76,591 for high performance) 
More Information

Revenues and Benefits Manager 
Arun District Council
£50,419 - £52,649 Per Annum 
More Information

2 x Systems and Support Officer 
Shropshire Council
£24,550 - £26,174 Per Annum 
More Information

Systems and Support Officer 
Shropshire Council
£24,550 - £26,174 Per Annum 
More Information

Revenues Officer Recovery x 2 (Req No. 001221) 
Oxford City Council
£21,137 - £26,550 Per Annum Career Grade Scheme G4 with progression to G5 
More Information

Assessment Officer CER357T & CER353T 
Tandridge District Council
£23,867 - £27,444 Per Annum 
More Information

Senior Customers Officer (Rates) 
Maldon District Council
£24,745 - £27,271 Per Annum 
More Information

Principal Customers Officer (Revenues and Benefits) 
Maldon District Council
£27,378 - £31,590 Per Annum 
More Information

Customers Team Leader (System, Technical and Compliance) 
Maldon District Council
£32,642 - £37,381 Per Annum 
More Information

Customers Team Leader (Rates and Recovery) 
Maldon District Council
£32,642 - £37,381 Per Annum 
More Information

Revenues & Benefits Officers 
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
£16,781 - £20,138 Per Annum 
More Information

Compliance Officer (Enforcement) 
Breckland District Council
£17,128 Per Annum 
More Information

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