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Benefits of Membership

  • Membership brings with it professional membership recognition and a wide range of support services that will aid your development 

    The IRRV is the largest professional institution operating in the field of revenues, benefits and valuation.

    Every year, hundreds of students sit IRRV examinations.

    Those who are successful will join the thousands of IRRV-qualified professionals currently working in local authorities and public and private sector valuation.


    Join thousands of IRRV qualified members working in Revenues/Benefits and Public/ Private Sector Valuation.
  • Membership gives you the opportunity to gain professional recognition within your industry through post nominal letters: ‘FIRRV’ for Fellow members, ‘IRRV’ (Hons) for Honours Members, ‘IRRV (Dip)’ for Diploma Members, ‘IRRV’ for Corporate Members and ‘IRRV (Tech)’ for Technician Members. (Note: only current members of the Institute are eligible to quote these letters).

  • One of the highlights of your membership is our monthly journal, 'Insight', available in both electronic and hard copy format. In addition, you will receive our quarterly journal ‘Valuer’ in electronic format. A hard copy is available at a cost of £28 per year. Both publications carry pertinent news, current affairs and discussions on revenues, rating, valuation, and benefits. They are an invaluable resource that connects you to the latest developments in our profession.

  • The IRRV provides high quality conferences, professional meetings, upskilling and training sessions for people involved in local government taxation, benefits and public and private sector valuation. Members receive discounts at all events. 

  • We seek to influence the course of legislative and professional matters through dialogue with government bodies and other professional organisations and through commissioning and conducting original research. The Institute’s four Faculty Boards lead this: Local Taxation and Revenues, Benefits, Valuation and Investigation. The faculties also provide specialised support for practitioners working in their respective fields. 






    Our vibrant associations are active across the UK, facilitating professional and social events on a regional level. These gatherings provide an ideal platform for you to engage further with our Institute's work on a local scale. 


  • Member Directory: Members are included in the Member Directory which is published on the Institute's website.

  • Full access to the Members’ Area with its CPD portal and specialist magazine library.

  • Members receive access to the Technical Enquiry Service.

  • Use the interactive online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system to plan and monitor your learning and development.

  • The Institute keeps its members informed of current issues and provides opportunities for further professional and personal development and the sharing of best practice.

  • From starting out to gaining promotions, taking a career break or changing direction and planning for retirement, membership ensures that you are part of a thriving support network.

  • Membership Certificates are awarded to Fellow, Honours, Diploma, Corporate, and Technician Members. 





    IRRV Rewards: Exclusive access to our unique member saving scheme, receive great discounts on big brand names, shopping, holidays and much more. Just visit www.irrvrewards.co.uk.