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Applying for Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) Status

  • Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)

    The IRRV invites you to take up accreditation as a training organisation, and join other companies who are accredited. IRRV accreditation will act as a guarantee of the quality of your service and of your status.

    Once we have audited, approved and accredited your organisation, we permit you to use an IRRV Accredited training logo on all literature, and you are presented with a certificate, valid for the accreditation period.

    We hope you will wish to take advantage of this opportunity. You can download the ATO V1.1 application form below. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Education Team at education@irrv.org.uk or telephone Vaishali Patel on 0207 691 8995.

    We’ll be pleased to talk to you, and arrange a preliminary meeting if you wish. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

    The first step is to become an Approved Training Organisation (ATO).

    To apply for ATO status you should have your training policies and procedures in place. You may or may not be running courses yet. If you are, then you will be able, once you become an ATO, to move to course accreditation within a short time. If your course programme is still in preparation, then you will be asked to complete your course planning within a reasonable period – normally six months.

    When you apply for Accreditation we will evaluate your application and ask for any further information we may require before the next stage; the audit visit. We will contact you to arrange the visit so that we can look in detail at your training procedures, policies, planning and objectives. The IRRV will call on the services of one of its experienced personnel to carry out the audit and complete an evaluation. Based on the report, the Institute will make a decision on granting ATO status. If it is granted, accreditation will be offered for a one-year period, following which it will be considered for annual renewal. During the audit you will be asked to provide evidence to show how you meet the ATO application form criteria (ATO V1.1). This form is available at the link below and should be completed by the main contact before the audit visit.  

    If accreditation is not granted, the Institute will work with you to address its concerns.

    If the Institute declines accreditation, an appeal process will be available. The benefits of ATO status remain as long as the ATO retains approval.

    Timescales for the ATO process are:

    1. Organisation submits application. Please download the application form, complete the form and send it to education@irrv.org.uk
    2. Within two weeks, the Institute will seek an audit meeting and to obtain further pre-audit information
    3. The audit will measure the organisation against set criteria within the ATO V1.1 form
    4. Audit visit should take place within one month of receipt of the application
    5. A decision will be made within two weeks of the audit visit

    Please now download, complete and return the application form to the email address below. 

    For guidance and information on the fees, terms and conditions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Email: education@irrv.org.uk

    Phone: 020 7691 8995/8981 

    ATO V 1.1 Application Form