The IRRV’s distance learning courses are for anyone wishing to study towards our professional qualifications. Whatever stage you have reached on your career path, there will be an IRRV qualification to meet your needs and to help you to progress your career.

As an alternative to studying for the Level 3 Certificate (Technician) or Diploma qualification, a member of the Institute is able to study individual subjects and then sit an examination. If successful, they will receive a ‘Letter of Credit’ from the Institute. This may appeal to those members who are not looking to take the full qualification as well as those who have achieved the professional qualification but would like to study additional subjects.


IRRV Level 3 Certificate

The IRRV Certificate is for Local Taxation and Welfare Benefits staff up to middle management level. The course is designed for both Local Taxation and Welfare Benefits practitioners in the public and private sectors who wish to gain a professional qualification and further their careers. The Level 3 Certificate qualification leads to Technician level membership of the Institute and the designatory letters “Tech IRRV”.


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‘Before taking the qualification, I think it would be fair to say, that I thought I knew my job really well. Now having studied, I actually do! There was plenty of support available from the tutors and from the website itself. Whilst there was a lot of detail, this was also a good thing. I feel I have learnt a lot more via the distance learning route, and remember a lot more than others who have taken the qualification through, for example, the NVQ route.’

Tim Morris, Tech IRRV

IRRV Diploma

This course is designed for those staff who wish to progress to senior positions. The Diploma is at Level 5 (of the current 8-level framework) in England and Wales.

The Professional Diploma leads to Diploma Level Membership of the Institute and the designatory letters “IRRV (Dip)”. Once achieved, a Diploma member can proceed to the highest level Qualification, IRRV Honours.


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‘Having undertaken the Level 3 Technical Certificate, I was keen to progress and continue my development with the Diploma. The course is challenging but extremely rewarding – the ability to study in your own time without restrictions is helpful and there is plenty of support from the tutors when you need it. It has not only helped me develop my career but mainly it has helped in applying relevant practical and technical knowledge in my day to day role.’

George Draper, IRRV (Dip)