About Distance Learning


As the name suggests, you do not attend lessons, but study on your own, at home or wherever suits you. This is the most flexible option, as it allows you to decide where and when to study. 


Being online means that you have constant access to the wide-range of learning resources so they are there when you need them. Some of the resources you will have access to are:

  • Recorded technical webinars for each module, for each subject. 
  • Bi-monthly, live and interactive webinar sessions for students to talk to fellow students and their tutors and ask questions, hear updates and consider any matters at hand. 
  • Regular 'In discussion' Podcasts on topical issues with tutors and practitioners.
  • Online assignment set, and marked, after each module is completed, to provide an opportunity to assess the quality and standard of the work.
  • Imbedded virtual Pre-examination course
  • Virtual Student's days

Lenght of study

It is advised that you study for 120 hours of guided learning hours for the course. In addition to this, sufficient amount of hours should be spent doing further reading, revision and exam practice. Once enrolled, you will have access to the study material and online tools for 3 years. All examination subjects for the qualification must be taken within a 3-year time span.


  • The Distance Learning staff and subject tutors are available to help and advise you in any way that we can. Tutor support is provided through your personal profile on the Distance Learning portal, email, telephone and virtual classes.  
  • Don't forget that fellow students are also an invaluable tool, and with our Distance Learning Facebook group, you will be able to post comments and questions, exchange tips and share your learning experiences.
  • You are also eligible to attend our virtual Student Days (two per year), where you can meet tutors and fellow students.
  • There are also pre-examination virtual courses, which are useful when approaching exam time.
  • Also, once you are registered, there is lots of advice on how to effectively study and make the most of your Distance Learning experience
  • You will have access to all past examination papers