IRRV Diploma

This course is designed for those staff who wish to progress to senior positions. The Diploma is at Level 5 (of the current 8-level framework) in England and Wales.

The Professional Diploma leads to Diploma Level Membership of the Institute and the designatory letters “IRRV (Dip)”. Once achieved, a Diploma member can proceed to the highest level Qualification, IRRV Honours.


Entry Requirements

Candidates for the Revenues or Benefits streams of the Diploma MUST hold a qualification at least equivalent to A-Level, or any qualification at Level 3 of the national framework (England and Wales) and have had substantial workplace experience.



Students take five subjects, consisting of one assignment and four subjects that are assessed by 3-hour examination.

Click here to download the summary of the IRRV Diploma 2022/2023 Syllabus.

You must study all Common Core subjects and choose two additional subjects:


Common Core

  • Centrally Set Assignment
  • Management
  • Management Case Studies


Additional Subjects

Choose one of the following subjects:

  • Revenues and Local Administration and Public Sector Finance
  • Welfare Benefits Administration and Public Sector Finance
  • Valuation for Rating *


Choose one of the following subjects:

  • Council Tax Law and Practice
  • Non-Domestic Rating Law and Practice
  • Welfare Benefits Law and Practice
  • Law of Property


* Valuation for Rating is only available to candidates who have previously passed Introduction to Valuation or Valuation Theory and Practice at IRRV Level 3 Certificate.


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