Council Tax Law and Practice - PageSuite Edition


Editor: Gary L Watson IRRV (Hons)

Council Tax Law and Practice is an authoritative and essential guide for practitioners working in (or simply have an interest in) Council Tax. It is has been written to make the legislation easier to understand and explain the relevance of case law. The Chapters (which are supported by the relevant legislation and case law) within the publication are:

  • Chapter 1: Administration of Council Tax
  • Chapter 2: Valuation List
  • Chapter 3: Liability
  • Chapter 4: Exemptions
  • Chapter 5: Discounts
  • Chapter 6: Reduction Schemes
  • Chapter 7: Billing and Collection
  • Chapter 8: Enforcement


The Institute has now launched Council Tax Law and Practice on the PageSuite platform, making it accessible via your internet browser. An App is also under development to make the publication accessible for mobile devices. Immediate advantages of switching to the PageSuite platform are that the publication can be kept fully up-to-date in real-time, instead of once a year, as was previously the case. Features and improvements also include:

  • Updated in real-time
  • Hyperlinked Contents pages
  • Hyperlinked Table of Cases reference pages
  • Fully searchable for both single words and phrases (with use of quotation marks)
  • App launch to make the publications accessible on all mobile devices
  • Your own account and profile with personalised password of choice
  • Editable bookmarks feature linked to your profile
  • Links to social media from you PageSuite account
  • User publications held in one bookshelf, making them easier to access and cross reference

It is important to note that there will also be an option to print the publication directly from PageSuite.

Subscriptions and Fees

Subscriptions are on an Annual basis (i.e. from the date of purchase for the following 364 days). When your subscription comes to an end, you will again be able to gain access to the publication by resubscribing. The fee for accessing each publication for a one-year period is £145.00. This purchases one account with one set of user log-in details. 
If you would like access for more staff, additional accounts can be purchased during the order process for £15.00 per user (for staff from the same organisation only). 
Should you have any further questions, please get in contact with the publications team at or call on 020 7691 8975.

Additional Account Discount!

Up to 9 additional accounts will be charged at the standard rate (£15 / account). A 25% discount will be applied to additional accounts thereafter i.e. from 10 additonal accounts onwards.