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Links to Information regarding the Apprenticeship Levy in Northern Ireland

The IRRV Law and Research Committee has considered issues related to the Apprenticeship Levy in Northern Ireland in its recent meetings. The Committee requested that the following links to reference documents be made available to the membership, for information.

July Newsletter

Links to Articles on Blockchain Technology

The IRRV Law and Research Committee has considered issues related to Blockchain Technology in its recent meetings.  The Committee requested that the following links to various reference documents be made available to the membership, for information.


Updated Check Challenge Note Issued VOA 

May 14th 2018: The VOA has issued an updated Check Challenge Note.  It can be found at



June  2017

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IRRV Annual Conference 2017

Interviews from the IRRV Conference Media lounge at Telford. Find out more about the IRRV from delegates and exhibitors.

Andrew Hetherton talks about the IRRV and its importance to the Valuation profession
Allan Traynor speaks about the IRRV as a training partner
Sarah from Newham, shows how valid the IRRV is for new and young members of staff
Kevin Stewart outlines the benefits of entering the IRRV performance awards scheme
Sean Davis from Analyse Local explains why exhibiting at the IRRV conference is so important
Zoe Kent talks about the IRRV association network and the benefits membership brings
Sue Williams Lee talks about the IRRV students and benefits of qualifications
Richard Taylor discusses the IRRV european projects

IRRV Annual Conference / Performance Awards Photographs

Pictures are now available of these events from the official photogrpaher.

Practitioners' 'UC Top Ten' Project is published

The IRRV has published a Practitioners’ Universal Credit: Top Ten Project: 2017, which was released in advance of the IRRV annual conference in Telford. The ‘Top Ten’ project, created by welfare reform commentator Geoff Fimister, was designed to generate ideas to improve the operation of UC either through structural changes or administrative improvements. The results are a significant contribution to the ongoing debate about the delivery of Universal Credit. View report here

Institute's UC concerns set out in letter to Work and Pensions Secretary of State

IRRV Chief Executive David Magor calls on Rt Hon. David Gauke to consider changes to the housing element of UC in a letter dated 2nd November 2017.  View letter here


VTE Practice Statement: Rating Lists before 2017 & Completion Notice and Council Tax Appeals

A new VTE Practice Statement regarding postponements and adjournments has been published by the VTE, a revised version of which has now come into effect from 13-9-2017 and replaces an earlier version published 1-9-2017.

The revised Practice Note dated 13th September seeks to make it as clear as possible the approach and expectations the Tribunal has of the parties in such instances.

The Practice Statement can be found here

From the VOA - useful information for IRRV members

30 September 2016

As you’re aware, we have replaced the old RLI site with a new “Find your business rates service”.  From 30 September, this service will display the Draft Rating Lists.  This message will give you some useful detail in response to the large amount of feedback we have received on the site so far.

There are three key things to bear in mind:

1.    Our new service is designed around ratepayers’ needs – we have conducted extensive user testing with various customers, which has provided positive feedback for the new service. It follows industry best-practice, and is designed specifically to be ratepayer-centric.

2.    We have also undertaken research with Agents and Local Authorities and have built their initial feedback into the overall design.  However, the service is being run in public beta, both to test that it works as we have designed it to, and to ensure we can plan and implement new releases to address any feedback received.  Over the next few weeks we aim to include information about previous and existing appeals and advanced search fields. We will continue to improve the site based on feedback to meet user needs.

3.    The VOA will also provide the full rating lists and a majority of detailed valuations as a downloadable dataset. This provides a reliable and easy alternative for Agents and other advanced bulk data users.

The data will be available for download and free of charge but its usage is restricted.  Full terms and conditions and a link to the download will be available on

CHOVA Conference slides

IRRV ran The CHOVA 2016 conference at the Crieff Hydro Hotel on 7th and 8th September 2016, with excellent speakers.   You can download speaker slides by visiting the site below:


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